How to get to Jelenia Góra?

Jelenia Góra is situated very close to Germany and Czech Republic, but it is best to get here from there by car. If are not planning to rent a car, then in order to get to Jelenia Góra it’s best to fly to Wrocław and from there take a bus or train to JELENIA GÓRA (not Zielona Góra)!!!

If you fly to Berlin or to Prague you will probably have to spend a night there waiting for a bus to get to Wrocław. It is also possible to go to Wrocław and spend a night there. It is anyway always useful to book your accommodation in advance wherever you are going to spend a night, otherwise you might have to stay all night on the bus station. Some visitors found it hard to find accommodation in Berlin. Sometimes it is also hard to find accommodation in Wrocław, but if you plan it in advance here we can help by phoning some places, we cannot help in Berlin, though.

If you still decide to fly to Berlin or Prague, there is a service of Polski Bus to Wrocław - the buses go two or three times a day. You can buy your tickets online or in points of sale: see here:


From Wrocław you need to buy a ticket to Jelenia Góra – and not Zielona Góra – some visitors made that mistake and had to travel all night long again from Zielona Góra to Jelenia Góra. It’s best to show the name of Jelenia Góra written on a piece of paper when buying a ticket. The trick is in the pronunciation: the Polish “j” is pronounced as the English “y”, and if you pronounce it as the English or French “j”, then it sounds more like Polish “zi”.

When in Wrocław, there are plenty of bus and train connections to Jelenia Góra. The buses leave from the main bus station. Situated under Wroclavia Mall. You can pay it online or you can pay directly to the driver, the cost is 25 or 30 zł, depending on the bus. But sometimes you can find some discounts if you buy it online.

It is possible to exchange your money in the mall. Remember, the last bus connection to Jelenia Góra from Wrocław is at 21:00. –after that time you have to wait until 4:30 am (checked on 19.01.2018). You can conveniently check all the bus and train departure times and routes on the website: There is also a special application you can download on your phone.

When you arrive to Jelenia Góra just take a taxi and go to your chosen address (show the driver the address written down on a piece of paper). The taxi should not cost more than 15 zl.

We would love to come and pick everybody up from Wrocław and the bus or train stations – but you must understand it is two hours away from here and it is just impossible for us, as we have a lot of visitors.

Read this text carefully, write to us, call if you have any questions– we will try to guide you all along.